Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Year Ago this Weekend

The whole crew tied on on for one of the biggest nights of the year last Halloween. Fun!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Goofy Bastards!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Trip Pics From

Look whos king of the hole!!
These pictures were taken at Pillow Rock and 5-Boat Hole-

Thursday, October 20, 2005

This raft got crunked against Pillow Rock pretty good.

The bottom raft is about to get eaten by Iron Ring on the upper Gauley. There was a lot of good raft carnage on the river that day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just havin a little fun on the lovely little Sullivan falls one day in May. 500cfs, we had a lot of fun that day!!

Team Pabst in one of their finer moments in time. The night before the Wausau Comp finals--Training-Spin to win Matt!!

This one is of the Chizzle to my Nizzle up on the North Shore-looking for eggets of course.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Pool Sessions and Status of BSBS:

If anyone in the central/SE Wisconsin area is interested in winter pool sessions, Badger State Boating Society in Waukesha,WI is holding them at the YMCA in Brown Deer. If you need to car pool, there are plenty of us around who are willing to do so. We need at least 10 people at each of our sessions to break even. The schedual is now posted on and welcomes new members. There is a group of us that gets together almost every weekend to paddle (whitewater) and if you are a beginner, now would be the time to bombproof your roll. The cost is $10 per person, per session to cover rental costs and to help keep this club alive. If you need more info, feel free to leave a post on the forum on the BSBS website. Thanks!

Friday, October 14, 2005

More scenic pics from NE WI last weekend!

First Drop on the Pesh-and Pemene Falls at 6800cfs!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Random Photos

These are just some random images

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Couple pics from the Gauley the other week.

These guys are a great group of guys to paddle with. Prompt, ready to go every time.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tygart Valley from a week ago down in WV.

A very scenic piece of the U.S.

Wrapping up the Season-

Had a good time paddling on the Peshtigo River this last weekend. Headed to Pemene Falls to see what that was going to be like. Ended up hopping in and catching a sweet wave on Saturday evening. Sooo nice.