Tuesday, April 24, 2007

S.C.B. '07

The weather was great, the paddling was great, and the company was great! No serious carnage to report this weekend, well, besides a certain someone slipping on some ice off of a 20 foot cliff. But other than that, it was great! Paddled the final Mile of the Presque Friday morning, then the whole stretch in the afternoon. Saturday we all paddled the Black, then went out in Hurley for some good times!! I think we might have hit up almost every bar in town....which suprisingly, is quite a few bars. Then, Sunday, we hit the Black again with the Herbecks and Tao and friends. Monday Chaz, Tony, Johnny and I headed to the Upper Silver and hit that up at a good crankin level (8.3 or so) and i headed home. Those two were going to hit the Yellow Dog today....hope they had fun!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jim Rada Race~

A pretty great crew show up for Kiffy's Jim Rada Race. The weather was great, the company was great, and the race was great with two exceptions. Number one would be Brian Aho breaking his leg and ankle from a piton off of Manabezho just to the right of center. Number two would be me pitoning on the same drop, but taking a left line. We both penciled in and hit bottom. With the great crew of people that were boating that day, as a true group effort, we safely got Aho out of the gorge below the falls to the ambulance.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Root~

A few of us hopped into All Evil as it was forming but it was a little steeper than it looks and it was a little flushy on surfers left (the deepest part of the hole)

A few guys and myself got together at the Root River in Racine on Tuesday for a little play. The level spiked up to about 1000 cfs.

Monday, April 02, 2007

U.P. Creekin

I dont really have too many pics, forgot my camera, but the crew ran up to the U.P. and hit the upper Silver this weekend. Ran 4 laps total for the weekend! Oz re-broke his Jefe, thanks to my shit ass weld job, and not much else in the area was running at primo levels. There was a good size crowd up there and no real carnage aside from a few boats, and everyone had fun!