Monday, December 17, 2007

Virgin L-Dub Run

Well, I finally got my butt out on the Little White Salmon this weekend. A great crew that consisted of Myself, Ryan Scott, Nate Herbeck, Lana Young, Tao Berman, Austin Rathmann, Rob, and some Montana folk, A J and Robin. The level was around 3.2-3.3 or so and temps around 40 degrees. Ryan and A J had two days of "no portage" runs and the rest of us ran everything but Spirit. These guys wouldn't let me scout anything, which made me a bit nervous but it worked out good in the end. I had a few blown lines, and a couple of backwards runs down some mank but for as stout of a run that it is, I faired pretty well. This is a local favorite and is arguably one of the country's best continuous stretches of whitewater that demands a kayaker's respect!

AJ Running Spirit

Ryan in Sequence on Spirit