Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Eagle Creek, OR

This weekend was pretty action packed and full on. Saturday Tim Thorton, Lana, Christie and I ran the Truss at just under 3ft which is a super fun level. Then Tim and I hit up the Sincline trial on our mtn bikes to finish off the afternoon. Everyone partied down at the Horse & Hound for the latest and greatest LVM premiere that evening with the anticipation of running Eagle Creek lingering around the pub for the day that followed. Sunday, we did just that! Got up to rendezvous at Eagle Cr Park that morning. This run requires a 3 mile hike in, backpacking our boats and gear along a gorgeous cliffside trail with breathtaking views and sounds of big waterfalls in the distance. I didn't get any good pics of punchbowl falls, but I did get some nice shots of the top double drop!!
Me Christie Glissmeyer fires off Skoonichuck Falls
Austin Rathmann scouting his line
Austin Rathmann
Christie G
Christie G